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Our Vision

Jericho Energy Ventures envisions a transition towards affordable, accessible and resilient clean energy.

Our Investments in Low Carbon energy sources, technologies, and applications will aid in the transition away from fossil sources creating a more sustainable future.

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc is a clean hydrogen company dedicated to sustainable solutions and fostering DEIA within its organization, promoting a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility while supporting SDGs.

Commitment to DEI


Meeting today’s demands while solving tomorrow’s climate challenges for Fortune 500 and sustainability-minded corporations and governments will take a multifaceted approach and a rethinking of our current energy systems.

The need for sustainable environmental solutions is becoming more urgent. Industrial companies are already working hard to minimize their impact on the climate by optimizing their production processes. Communities, stakeholders and shareholders expect them to safeguard the planet for future generations, and legislation demands they play their role in mitigating environmental challenges.

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How we invest in low carbon energy transition

Identifying promising, disruptive technologies in:

Hydrogen Production, Storage and Applications:

Hydrogen is a zero-emissions feedstock and fuel widely produced globally for applications in energy processing, chemical synthesis, and direct energy usage.  However, nearly all of today’s hydrogen is produced by reforming fossil-fuels, casting off substantial CO2 emissions.  Clean or Green hydrogen, produced by splitting water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrical current from a renewable source such as wind or solar, has a major role to play in the path towards net zero carbon, providing de-carbonization solutions in the most challenging parts of the carbon abatement cost curve – including long-haul transportation, steel, refining, chemicals, heating, and long-term power storage.

Battery Technology and Storage:

Renewable power generation, slated to become over 50% of the electricity mix, creates variable and intermittent electricity supply, poorly matched to daily and seasonal power demand.  Large scale battery storage and technologies are ideally suited for both Solar PV and wind generation enhancement – storing off-peak renewable energy production and providing on-peak energy at higher prices.  Moreover, as electricity demand grows, battery storage and technologies are well positioned for grid congestion solutions creating flexible power generation largely eliminating the need for expensive transmission and distribution upgrades.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage:

Global emissions in 2019 approached 40 Gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent.  Technologies that aid in the collection of atmospheric CO2 are a key solution for addressing difficult to capture and historical emissions.  In addition, carbon capture technologies that easily integrate to capture industrial waste-gas for further use are becoming ubiquitous across sustainably minded corporations and governments.  As more global governing bodies adopt a price on carbon emissions, the utilization of CCUS will rise quickly as an alternative to pricey levies.

New Energy Systems:

Not all technologies that will be required exist to combat global climate change and to move our world towards a low-carbon future.  We are on the look out for future advances in materials, technologies and applications that will help in moving towards more sustainable energy solutions.

What We Do

Leveraging financial and strategic capabilities to:

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Build Proof of Concepts, drive innovation and deliver commercial deployments for advantaged low-carbon technologies.

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Attract highly strategic partners and customers with high market-fit.

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Provide back office accounting and HR-type functions to growing organizations, allowing for focus and execution on delivering disruptive technologies to the market. We are committed to engaging, promoting, and helping grow our portfolio companies.

Jericho Energy Ventures takes controlled and minority investment stakes in early-stage low-carbon technology companies. Looking for a partner, Contact Us.

Partners & Investments

EXOGEN offers end-to-end hydrogen energy solutions. We are a technology leader in the fast-expanding hydrogen value chain. As a first-mover, EXOGEN works with leaders in innovation across industry and commerce to facilitate their road map to net-zero targets. We proactively engage with government, industry, and the built environment to empower activities to transition to a green hydrogen economy.

Supercritical Solutions is developing the world’s first high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyser, to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water with zero emissions. By using heat and pressure, their technology exploits the benefits of supercritical water, delivering gases at over 200 bar of pressure, without the expense or challenges of hydrogen compressors.

Hydrogen Technologies has patented a breakthrough method for burning hydrogen and oxygen in a vacuum chamber to create high-temperature heat and steam with zero greenhouse gases at efficiencies up to 30% greater than traditional hydrocarbon boilers.  With the only by-product being water, the cleanH2steam DCC™ Boiler harnesses the power of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.

H2U has developed a proprietary ultrahigh throughput, AI-driven electrocatalyst discovery platform for electrolyser and fuel cell applications.  The Company is also developing a low-cost PEM electrolyser technology utilizing its patented low-cost earth abundant catalysts

JEV's Senior Technical Advisor providing expertise in deep technical due diligence, IP development, industrialization and commercialization.

Eagle Road Oil is focused on domestic, liquids-rich unconventional and conventional resource plays, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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