What Is Hydrogen?
Hydrogen can be used as a store of energy, a fuel or feedstock.
Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen via water electrolysis can replace fossil fuels.
Problem with Heat & Steam
Heat & Steam Account for Over 20% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Pervasive Use of Steam
37% of all fossil fuels burned by Industry are utilized for heat & steam.
Blue is the New Green.
This roadmap presentation charts a carbon-free future constructed of metrics-based CO2 reducing solution. Participants will explore the reaction of H2 and O2 in a boiler to create superheated steam. The condensing steam transfers energy from the tube side of the heat exchanger to yield working fluid as low as 60°C and/or steam pressures as high as 40 bar. This exothermic energy released during H2O formation liberates industrial steam and hot water GHG emission problem-areas. The journey concludes by highlighting financial incentives for the hydrogen economy from G20 Nations.